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Automatic image measuring instrument

ViewMax series has superior cost performance, equipped with fully automatic high-precision automatic zoom lens, adjustable ring light illumination and high-resolution high-definition color camera, can be configured with METUS professional image measurement software, high-performance software and hardware configuration, can meet various detection demand.

Portable and manual image measuring instruments

The portable and manual image measuring instruments are oriented to the basic inspection needs. Hexagon has launched SMART portable manual image measuring equipment and EAGLE universal manual image measuring instruments, which can make precise measurements of two-dimensional basic elements, with simple operation and high accuracy.

Optical fast image measuring instrument

Optical fast image measuring instrument FLASH PROFILE 3D glass profile measurement program, batch measurement of small parts select one-click measurement, surface shape analysis selects line white light measurement, and 3D glass profile and thickness analysis requires point white light measurement. The FLASH series provides Hexagon imaging with professional and rapid measurement solutions for various general-purpose parts.

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Shanghai Xunliang Measurement and Control Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The company is mainly engaged in the sale of precision measuring instruments, testing instruments, analytical instruments, Hexagon imaging instruments, Qihai imaging instruments, tool measuring tools; Customized services and technical services for processing tools, clean room purification equipment ...
The company was founded in 2015
The company's existing employees 125+
Company registered capital of 1 million
Existing cooperation customers 320+
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